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confessions of a paper junkie

Strathmore Artists Paper stops by the studio for a visit

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Book Trailer

A sneak peek at the art of  MARKS Vol. 1.

Let's Draw!

A collection of drawings to inspire!


Overcome Fear


I love to make videos that explore the creative process, showcase products, and give a taste of life's experiences. I am available to collaborate on your video projects. Check out over 100 videos on my Vimeo Channel. or the groups under the video menu.

These videos were created by myself, here in the art studio, using Canon DSLRs, Rode Mics, 2 soft boxes - and zero budget.

Wall of Shame

Illustration Process video

Pin Up Drawing

Illustration Process video


Mojo Your Dojo

Drawing Petra Nemcova

A time lapse supermodel drawing

Forgetting You

An artist tries to forget a girl.

Pen Drawing Tips

Thick or thin lines with a fountain pen.

How to Paint a Portrait

Time lapse self portrait in acrylic paint.

Portrait Painting on Polaroid

Paint a portait on a large format Polaroid.

Graham Smith Featurette

interview about the artists process

Time lapse girl drawing

Watch as I draw at a beautiful model.

Mojo Pencil

Making good luck charms from pencils.

Inking Duncan Quinn

A time lapse portrait inking.

Color Pencil Drawing

A start to finish drawing of a pretty girl.

Britney"The Hammer" Henry

photo and hand type animation 

Sketchbook 38

Try New Things

Making Monsters

Watch a sculptor create a monster

Book Debut Party

In case you missed it. 

Beer for Data 

an illustrated a war story

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