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sketchbook 37

The Index of Time - Evolution of beings from the primordial to cultural magic. Sketchbook 37 was draw in a weekend frenzy, using the combination of inspiration from a new Pentel Pocket Brush Pen, and a small Glossy "book blank" my printer sent as a sample. I made a video...
Sketchbook 37- is filled with creatures from earth's primordial past, a landscape of strange creatures, and how they may have evolved: weird little sea creatures, different types of plants, animals, the rise of humans, their culture and primitive tools - all hand made, just like the Index of Time.

Sketchbook 37 was drawn over the course of a few days, each drawing based on the one before, stream of consciousness style yet following the theme, until the book was full, and revealed itself to be the start of an Index of creatures, plants and tools.

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