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Project |01


Project |01 MARKS VOL. ONE

 "MARKS Volume One" - a 48 page, hard cover art book, containing a collection of life drawings, illustrations, and sketchbook experiments I have created over a period of 2 years.

Project |02


Project |02 Life Drawing Instructor

I teach a life drawing workshop at Sony/ Daybreak Games, to inspire the artists and animators to draw boldly, and expressively!

Project |03


Project |03 Restaurant Sketchbook

Sketchbooks drawing done in restaurants all over Southern California.

Project |04


Project |04 Mountain West TV Spot

A matching set of 12 drawing of college football players towering over their hometown landscapes, created in layered files, for animation in After Effects for a TV commercial on ESPN for college football.


Watch the Video.

Project |05


Project |05 Pass the Journal

Strathmore Artist Papers sent 12 sketchboks to artists around the globe with the mission to fill a page with art, share it online, and Pass the Journal to another artist.

One of the sketchbook showed up at my studio one day, so I decided to dive in, and film the drawing process of a a creature called The Bird Feeder.


Read all about it and see the videos on my blog.

Project |06


Project |06 small world - Andy Lund album cover and liner notes

Master guitarist Andy Lund dropped his second album "small world". So I designed a 32 page, deluxe, liner notes filled with ilustrations, music charts, lyrics for each song, and a music video.




Project |07


Project |07 black book project

illustrate the staff of Black Book in a noir-mystery style.

Project |08


Project |08 Sketchbook Fury-
the Art Ninja's Guidebook

4 video instruction series for Strathmore Artist Papers.



episode 1 - mojo your dojo

episode 2 -  overcome fear

episode 3 - basic skills

episode 4 - sketchbook strongman



Project |09


Project |09 Sketchbook 28

Samples from one of my many sketchbooks. I draw in them everyday, and when they are finished, sometimes I make a video about them.



Project |10


Project |10 Beer For Data

4 non fiction account of collecting data for the CIA during the war in Afghanistan.... where a tiki barv was set up and data exchanged for beer.


Video: watch the creation of this non fiction series.


Project |11


Project |11 Belmont Park Strongman

Character design, and old time banner illustration for the striker amusement park game in Mission Beach California.


Video: watch how the art was made. From sketch to printer to playing the game.

Project |12


Project |12 Blue Smoke Sushi

Created illustrations used on wall graphics, menu, custom lamps, window graphis, and a giant 8 foot whale that lights up with blue leds.

Video: Watch me drawing the Whale

Project |13


Project |13 Game of Thrones

Illustrated the season 6 cast nominated for an Emmy for the cover of Deadline Magazine.


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