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Sketchbook Videos


I draw in my sketchbook everyday, or at least try to. Then I make little videos about them to see if I've learned anything, and to show a bit of the creative process.

Pass the Journal - Drawing Process

A really nice sketchbook mysteriously appeared at my studio with a note that invited me to, "create art" for the Pass the Journal project by Strathmore... and I decide to dive in, and film the process of drawing a creature called, The Bird Feeder.




 Sketchbook 40 - never quit

An artist is surprised to finish his 40th sketchbook in 5 years, shares the secret of how it was done.

Cottonwood Arts designer sketchbook -
Music: Asthmatic Astronaut -


Sketchbook 38 - experiments and discovery


"Experimenting with different mediums is what sketch booking is all about. You learn how to express ideas in many different ways. Each sketchbook drawing is a new experiment, and I never know what I'm going to discover. I like to draw quickly with fountain pen and black ink - make stuff up on the spot. Each medium has it's own voice and can speak to an idea in it's own language." - Graham Smith

Music: Dan Mills


Sketchbook 38 - try new things

I make little movies about the work I do in the art studio, like drawing in my sketchbooks. This is "Sketchbook 38", the one about trying new things, like a new kind of paper, or exploring different media.



Sketchbook 37 - Index of Time

Sketchbook 37 - is filled with creatures from earth's primordial past, a landscape of strange creatures, and how they may have evolved: weird little sea creatures, different types of plants, animals, the rise of humans, their culture and primitive tools - all hand made, just like the Index of Time.


Sketchbook 37 was drawn over the course of a few days, each drawing based on the one before, stream of consciousness style yet following the theme, until the book was full, and revealed itself to be the start of an Index of creatures, plants and tools.




Sketchbook 36 - Graham Smith

"Everything you draw plants the seeds of ideas, and your sketchbook is the garden in which they grow."


Here is a quick peek inside illustrator Graham Smith handmade, Sketchbook #36, and a few words about why it's important to draw everyday.


Sketchbook 35 - sketchbook blues

A quick charcoal drawing, done in Sketchbook 35 by illustrator Graham Smith. Time lapse video.


Sketchbook 35 - ink sketch

A quick pen drawing done at San Diego Sketchbook Sessions, a Wednesday night thing, where artists from all around hang out and draw.


Lamy Safari fountain pen. Platinum Carbon Ink. Strathmore paper washed with acrylic paint.


Sketchbook 32 - Blonde

Peek over my shoulder as I draw at the beautiful, blond haired, John Frieda model in one of my sketchbooks.


I make my sketchbooks by hand using different types of paper. This drawing was created in a few minutes, on Cranes Classic Crest, and is drawn using colored pencils.


Sketchbook 28

A peek inside one of those sketchbooks I carry around all the time.


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