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Drawing Videos 


Sometimes I set up the camera while I draw, or if my friends do something cool, or while doing random art projects, and then film whatever happens. My general theme is to show the process of artwork being made. Plus, making time lapse videos is fun to do. Here you go.

life drawing practice - day 1


A few warm up drawings on a summer afternoon, plus weird music.


Model: Christa


Studio Sessions day 2


Artist Graham Smith, with models Christa Maier and Amanda Morales (Panda), practice their crafts in the studio one hot August afternoon.


Model Website:


Confessions of a Paper Junkie

The good folks at Strathmore Artist Papers™ were curious to see inside my actual art studio, and wanted me to draw something in their sketchbook. I told them, I draw on hundreds of sheets of Strathmore® paper a year, plus anything else I can get my hands on. But by all means, please send more. I'll be happy to draw on it, give a tour, and nerd out about paper anytime!


So, last month we filmed this video. :)


Crazy Nekkid Grandpa


Art model Van worked himself into character, building up, then channeling all his energy into each pose, creating visceral emotion through physicality. And he named each pose as they progressed, "Nekkid Grandpa, Alone in the Dark, tortured, Feral Man, Cabaret..." He tied a strap around the stage and pulled against it with all his strength, that same strap was tied around his hands for his "Tortured" pose, and he cantilevered his balance against a stick, which became a prop in other poses.


Later, looking over the drawings, I began to make sense of the story from the names of his poses, and made this short video.

Release the Kraken - Chalk Drawings


Artist Peter Han transforms the side of a building into an undersea world of sharks, jellyfish, and octopi drawing with chalk, and paint markers, for BLVD 63 Apartments, in San Diego, California.


Music: Well Water - Bubba Sparxxx (Explicit lyrics - NSFW)


the recycle of life


Cardboard is reborn and given a new life. The decorations are enjoyed for a day, then burned, because life is short and precious, and sometimes we need to be reminded to appreciate things, then let them go. The recycle of life.


I'll be at the Oceanside Museum of Art, helping Art After Dark partygoers create their own cardboard Dia de los Muretos masks on Nov. 1st, 2013 . It's a giant costume party, and fundraiser for the museum. Hope to see you there!


Let’s Draw!


This video is a collection of illustrations, life drawings, and sketchbook ideas from the desk of illustrator Graham Smith.



Color Pencil Drawing


Look over my shoulder as I draw the gorgeous model from Nexxus, using colored pencils.


The Nexxus model was illustrated on Crane Classic Crest paper, 8.5 x 11 inches. This paper is a creamy ivory color and has a velvety smooth finish - just perfect for colored pencil drawing.

I used a mix of colored pencils from Prismacolor and Blick. I'll draw with anything I can get my hands on. 

Colors: Terracotta, Burnt Ochre, Vermillion, Scarlet Red, Dark Brown, Lite Blue, Deft Blue, Black.

forgetting you


A sentimental longing for the past, memories of a beautiful girl, a perfect night.


An artist tries to forget, the way artists do.



That Girl with the Spiky Hair - drawing time lapse


I set up my camera, and drew "That Girl with the Spiky Hair" and made a video about the process. 

Thanks for watching!


That Red Head from the Weekend - time lapse drawing


Sometimes, I set up my camera while I draw, and make little videos for no apparent reason besides playing with my toys.


Here is a color pencil, time lapse drawing called "That Red Head from the Weekend", set over the song "She's looking Good" by Rodger Collins.


Thanks for stopping by!




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