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Frequently Asked Questions: about how we work together.

Ask Anything

or just say Hi!

  • Are you interested in illustrating something for my project?
  • What information do you need to give a project estimate?
  • How much does a drawing cost?
  • How long does it take to draw a portrait?
  • Can you make the illustration colors match my branding?
  • How many sketches will I get?
  • How many revisions are included?
  • What does "Scope of Project" mean?
  • Can I show my clients samples "screen-grabbed" from your website?
  • Can you send samples for my client proposal?
  • Are your illustrations hand drawn or digital?
  • What file format do you deliver illustrations in? 
  • If I buy an original art from you, can I sell prints of it?
  • What are "The Grant of Usage Rights"?
  • Can we talk about a project I have coming up?
  • You seen too fancy for my little project, can we still do a thing together?
  • Can you design promos/ ads for my product on Social Media?
  • Are you interested in designing a logo for me?
  • Will you work my project pitch, for free?
  • Will you illustrate a book I wrote? I'll give you money if it gets published.
  • Can you donate artwork for charity fundraiser?
  • Can I post your art on my Instagram?
  • Can I use your art from Instagram on my ... Album Cover, book...?
  • Wanna do an art trade?
Where do I buy your stuff?
  • Do you sell original art online?
  • Where can I buy your book?
  • Will you sign it and draw something?
Video/ Photography requests:
  • Can I hire you to make product demonstration video?
  • Can we do a photoshoot together?
  • Do you film content for for social media?
  • Can you make video content for my Patreon account?
  • Can you make one of those cool "Art Videos" about me? My product?
  • Can you shoot some cool photos of my product for social media?
  • Do you want to film a music video for my band?
  • Where are your Burning Man Videos? I wanna see.
  • Can I hire you you do a life drawing workshop for my group?
  • Where do you get your models?
  • Do you do live drawing events?
  • Do you give art lessons to kids groups? Adults? Professionals?
  • Will you give private art/photography lessons to me, or my kid?
  • What about Zoom, do you give art lessons there?
  • Will you speak to my art students about being a freelance illustrator?
  • Do you grant interviews?
  • Is your studio open to the public for visits?
  • When is your next art show?
  • Are you interested in being in my group art show?
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